Awesome or Regrettable: Motown Magic Disco Machine Vol. II

Let’s establish a few things first:

1. We have a pretty good Motown collection. Not huge and encyclopedic by any means, but decent, well loved, and well played.

2. Neither of us is opposed to Disco. In fact, I think I can speak for both us and say we enjoy many examples of this fine, overlooked, often maligned genre

So, that’s out of the way. Motown and Disco spoken here. This album, though, eh. It’s neither, really. Motown is one of those words that is both brand name and description. Like Xerox. When you tell someone you’re a Motown fan, what your saying, probably, is that you enjoy late 50s-60s soul music. You’re talking The Supremes, Mary Wells, Marvin Gaye, the Funk Brothers – the golden age of the label, the Motown Sound, capital M capital S. You’re probably not saying that you’re a big fan of Boyz II Men or Shanice. But maybe. I don’t know you. Continue reading


One Year Later

Well, almost one year later. The road trip? Thanks for asking! It was great. I’ve now seen a whole hell of a lot of the US. I’d give it a 9.5/10. Nebraska, try harder.

Since my helpful tips for the newly unemployed could be rewritten to be tips for the still and probably forever unemployed, I decided to throw myself back into this space. Spend my days with words and music instead of the Showcase Showdown and self pity. You have never felt pity so pitiful as the pity you feel while watching The Price is Right. What used to be a joyful sick day playing hooky kind of guilty pleasure becomes super depressing when you’re home for it every day. Also, they never know the price of canned soup. Not once, not ever. Another check in the column for super depressing.

Oregon Trails

It was sad watching Portland in the rear view mirror. It never quite felt like home, but it was as close as I’ve been in a long, long time. I think one of the reasons Oregon never quite fit was that I honestly never gave it much of a chance. Never went much past Portland. Occasional visits to the coast. A one time stay in the southern part when we first rolled in to the state. I’m not usually so provincial.

Continue reading

Awesome or Regrettable: Christopher Cross

Packing and moving is about the worst activity ever. I hate that we have so much stuff that we can’t pile it all into a sensibly sized garbage bag, and be on our way. We’re getting rid of it, slowly, but getting rid of it nonetheless. In addition to the (by my admittedly rough estimate) one billion boxes of books we’ve given the boot, we have quite a stack of records that will be making their way to the great turntable in the sky.

Plenty of them were easy to say goodbye to; Christy Lane, One Day at a Time (Which is apparently “The #1 Inspirational Album.” According to no one as far as I can tell from the cover. Can you just claim that your album is the #1 anything without some actual statistics backing that up? Huh. This just in: I’m the #1 Tuba Player. Also, why do we even have this record? I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever seen it. It’s 100% awful. I take that back, it’s 98% awful. The hat she’s wearing on the back is pretty sweet. But, Chrisy Lane is not the point here.); Jan August, Styles Great International Hits. (“International” hits such as the theme from An American in Paris and Italiano Medley.); and some ridiculously titled Yes album. Spaceships Read Fiction to Trees or something. Oh, sorry it’s apparently called Tales From Topographic Oceans. I did not make that up. Continue reading

To-Do List for the Newly Unemployed

1. Wake up late.

2. Feel sort of bad about waking up late.

3. Dismiss bad feelings and go back to sleep.

4. Drink Coffee. Repeat ad infinitum.

5. Watch The Price is Right.

6. Laugh forever at the person who bid $10,000 for a dinette set. Wonder where she shops for dining room furniture.

7. Flip through channels aimlessly.

8. Discover that Days of Our Lives still comes on.

9. Laugh forever at the people who would watch Days of Our Lives.

10. Watch Days of Our Lives.

11. Figure out how to get on Judge Judy without sacrificing your dignity.

13. Eat potato chips and drink wine.

14. Nap.

15. Go for a walk to get more potato chips and wine.

16. Walk around the house no less than six times.

17. Look at stupid stuff on the internet.

18. Drink more wine.

19. Call it a day (probably because of all the wine).

You’re Only As Old As Your Media

We’re selling CDs. Like, actual CDs. Not minimally interest bearing investment vehicles, but those shiny little discs that used to be everywhere. In preparation for our big cross-country move, we have decided to rid ourselves of this straight-up antiquated media. I once interviewed someone who runs a popular record show around these parts, and yeah, ok, the dude’s biased, but he made a solid point about  CDs, and I quote: “The liner notes are too small and the booklets too cheesy. It’s a tiny booklet with six point type.” True.

So anyway, we took our antiquated ass media with its stupid six point type booklets to our local record store (support your local record stores) and sold off those dusty ass mofos for a tidy sum. I am not ashamed. However, the process was a bit weird. Continue reading

Awesome or Regrettable: Eddie Murphy

Circumstances and laziness have prevented us from updating our corner of the internet.  Ah.  Such is life.  But we’re back, with a vengeance, or something like that.  Not being particularly vengeful people, I think we’re back, with a cookie.  We’re also back with a new feature; Awesome or Regrettable?

We’ve been busy reorganizing, categorizing, filing, and discarding all of the records currently taking up space in our apartment, and some of them have brought us both smiles and groans (smoans?).  Awesome and Regrettable opens it up to the floor for discussion and dissection.  Is this record a feather in the cap for any great collection, or is it a poor, poor choice-  a choice so poor that not only should we demand our money back, but the precious moments it took to purchase, cart home, and listen to as well? Continue reading